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Welcome! We are the consumer magazine for physicians, by physicians. ForUsDocs provides independent unbiased reviews of the products and services a physician uses in daily practice.  We are owned and operated by practicing physicians such as you. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with unbiased information that will save you time, effort, and money. Our code of ethics does not allow support from drug or equipment manufacturers.

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This issue of ForUsDocs is loaded with information to make your life easier, save you money, and help your income stream.

Few physicians realize the true value of the internet to their daily practice of medicine. The internet can help you practice better medicine, can streamline your front office, and can save you money. In  Three Links Every Doctor's Office Should Know we showcase 3 free web databases that most physicians are unaware of. One database can help you locate missing or lost insurance company checks. The other two can help save your front office time and operate more efficiently. We also show how a popular government website may be displaying your home address and phone number without your knowledge.

Check out our Ultimate Acoustic Stethoscope Review. It is the most comprehensive and clinically relevant review of stethoscopes ever published. See which was rated as the Best Stethoscope, and which was rated as the Best Buy Stethoscope.  And no, it's not your hearing gone bad. One expensive brand of stethoscope was especially poor.


Stethoscope Comparison Photos: Cardiology, Dual Head, Single Head, Sprague Rappaport

Stethoscope Comparison Photo: 1. Littmann Cardiology III,  2. Allheart Cardiology, 3. Welch Allyn Harvey Tycos Elite, 4. Littmann Cardiology (I), 5. ADC ADscope 603, 6. Littman Classic II SE, 7. DRG Puretone Traditional, 8. Nurses Single Head, 9. Littmann Master Classic II, 10. ADC Platinum Cardiology 615, 11. Prestige Stealth Sprague Rappaport, 12. Omron Sprague Rappaport.

A problem with current search engines is that they provide too much information. We have screened internet resources and list the ones that will get you the answers you need the most efficiently.  You can provide better patient care, improve your collections, streamline your front office, and get all kinds of free goods and services.  You can have online access to the world's biomedical literature , for free.

Don't forget to check out our deals section to see how to save on medical supplies, office supplies, and leisure time activities. You may also be interested in our compilation of medical market research survey sites which pay physicians, nurses, and dentists, for participating in surveys. 

Many physicians feel that physical diagnosis is a lost art. We hope to keep the art of physical diagnosis alive and well with examples. Our medical photo galleries show high resolution teaching photos, along with clinical vignettes.

Need a little comic relief in your day? Check out our humor section with original content and links to random medical jokes, the slang medical dictionary, and humorous medical blogs.  See humorous videos such as the Drug Rep Parody.

Medicine In The News

Physicians fared well in the 2008 US elections. We will have a total of 14 physicians in the new congress, the most we have ever had. The final Medicare fee schedule for 2009 will show a 1.1% pay increase.  There is a major bipartisan congressional push to make electronic medical record systems mandatory. Its advocates cite cost savings to the government, the use of EMR data in implementing pay for performance, and reductions in medical errors. No one is saying how we are supposed to pay for the EMR systems, which average $15,000-$30,000 start up costs per physician, and about $3,000-$6,000 yearly maintenance. The potential for invasion of privacy of both patients and doctors by commercial EMR systems is huge and has been largely overlooked. Data mining companies have successfully argued in two state courts that they have a constitutional right to compile and sell confidential patient prescription information. Senator Dingell has proposed a law closing some of the loopholes allowing data mining companies to operate outside the privacy protections of HIPAA.

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