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Photo Gallery: Gynecologic Oncology

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Cervical Carcinoma:
Stage IIIB with extension to left pelvic sidewall. A large cauliflower lesion obliterating the cervix is seen. The cervical os is not apparent. The distal vagina appears normal with vaginal rugae, consistent with estrogen effect in this premenopausal patient. A good resource for patients with cervical cancer is the online booklet  "What You Need To Know About Cervical Cancer"  An excellent reference for physicians and healthcare workers is the PDQ Cervical Cancer Treatment Summary. This detailed summary includes diagnosis, workup, staging, treatment, prognosis, and information on clinical trials for cervical cancer.

Cervical Carcinoma, Post Treatment: Same patient as above, 3 years after receiving 5FU, cisplatinum chemo, and concurrent pelvic radiation. She received 5000 cGy external beam and 3500 cGy low dose rate brachytherapy. She is NED with side effects of vaginal shortening and vaginal stenosis.

Cervical Carcinoma Post Treatment: Same patient as above. The cervix appears normal. Telangiectasia are visible around cervical os from radiation effect. The vaginal mucosa is flattened and the rugae are gone from lack of estrogen effect. The patient is now postmenopausal from the effect of pelvic radiation on her ovaries.